Documenting the Spatial Practices of Global Migration

Immigrant Integration in Suburban America

Category : SPACES 10/10/2011

We are excited to share some of our own research recently published in Critical Planning, the UCLA Urban Planning Journal, vol. 18, Summer 2011.  The theme of this volume is Migration and we have the honor to share our work alongside other planners researching the relationship between migration and cities worldwide.  Though the themes explored are as diverse as the people and places represented, nearly all probe the question of how issues stemming from migration can inform urban research and become an integral part of the planning practice.

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Our paper explores migration to the American suburb. There are now more immigrants living in suburbs than in cities in the United States, representing a significant shift in settlement patterns from those of preivous generations.  This phenomenon creates both opportunites and challenges for suburbs, many of which have limited experience dealing with newly-arrived immigrants. Using the communities of Brentwood, New York and Edison, New Jersey as case studies our paper illustrates how many strategies for immigrant integration align with those of long term susainable growth and how localities can promote integration while planning for the future of diverse suburban communites.  Click here for the full text


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