Documenting the Spatial Practices of Global Migration

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Category : BRIEFLY NOTED, EVENT 08/28/2017

Between January 2015 and the Summer of 2016 approximately 65.000 newcomers predominantly from Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq arrived in the German capital city of Berlin. The majority of new arrivals were placed in temporary shelters and wait idle for months, sometimes years, for their asylum application to be granted. Many are stifled by German bureaucracy and language barriers to enter the labor force and become active and productive members of the communities they reside in.


Our workspace and initial site of investigation will be on the premises of the former headquarters complex of the Ministry for State Security (MfS or “Stasi”). In November 2015 about 1.300 newcomers were placed in an emergency shelter in a portion of the complex, many of whom lived here for 18 months until recent efforts to close it. In addition to the shelter, which occupied three large buildings in private ownership, there are a number of other uses including the Stasi Museum and archives as well as several vacant buildings. While a future use and design for the entire site is uncertain, this summerschool will explore how this site and Lichtenberg in general might benefit from an influx of newcomers motivated to actively contribute and initiate dialog about pluralist neighbourhoods.

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