Documenting the Spatial Practices of Global Migration


With a global migrant population of over 200 million people, international mobility of labor is one of the most significant contributing factors to both globalization and urbanization worldwide. Our research attempts to explore the local aspect of global migration: the places where migrants settle, form communities and networks, and establish economic and social spaces. This is where we share our thoughts, maps, interviews, articles and photography to highlight the efforts of planners and architects to provide inclusive and sustainable physical environments for migrant communities. If you have any thoughts to contribute, get in touch with us at hello(at)

09new_graph of global flows_yellow
Selected World cities with a foreign-born population far greater than their national average


Kaja Kühl is the founder and principal of youarethecity an urban research, design and planning practice in New York City that strives to make cities more livable together with their inhabitants. She received her Diploma in Architecture from the University in Karlsruhe, Germany and a Master of Science in Urban Planning from Columbia University in New York. Prior to founding youarethecity in 2008, she worked for the New York City Department of City Planning as an Urban Designer and team leader. Kaja is a certified planner and Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University, where she coordinates the 5 Borough Studio of the Urban Design Program. You can follow her on Twitter

Julie Behrens is an urban planner, advocate and the founder of Project Urbanista, LLC, an urban planning practice specializing in affordable housing development and community-engaged planning..  Her career reflects her life-long passion for exploring new people and places, and learning what makes them tick.  Her work is driven by a strong sense of social justice and the belief that an Inclusive City is the reflection of a just society in which everyone has an opportunity to participate. An avid wanderer, Julie has traveled in 5 continents and most of the 50 states doing everything from teaching English in Korea, to homeless outreach on the streets of Washington, DC, to municipal development in rural Central America. Julie is an adjunct professor or Urban Policy at the Milano School where she teaches about integration in immigrant gateway cities.


This project received funding from the New York State Council on the Arts. nysca_black